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Magnetic Mattress Pad Specs
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Tru-North Diagram
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We use disk shaped magnets rather than rectangular shaped magnets. The disk shape is more conducive to the smooth circular lines of flux which surround magnets. The circular shape helps produce a more powerful, penetrating and uniform magnetic field, unbroken by the sharp corners of rectangular shapes.




Magnetic Pillow/Travel Pad 12" x 18"
Magnetic Twin size mattress pad 36"x72.5"
Magnetic Full/Double size mattress pad 51"x72.5"
Magnetic Queen size mattress pad


King (not available but 2 Twins are adequate)  


Magnetic Mattress Pad is designed to lay on top of your existing Mattress

1. Tru North "Top of the Line" Magnetic Mattress Pad

The magnets are placed in the Tru-North grid pattern to provide an effective north pole 16" field penetration. The top layer is a beautiful white damask quilted fabric. The bottom layer has a non-skid surface. 3950 gauss ceramic North facing permanent magnets are used, magnet size is 1" x 1/4". The magnets are nestled in luxurious convoluted foam and covered with a layer of Tempurpedic Memory Foam (Visco Foam) which is used to help relieve pressure points and mold to your body for deep comfort and support. This foam is "developed by NASA". Overall thickness of the pad is 2.5" thick.


2. TRU-NORTH All Natural-This series is covered with 100% Cotton fabric. Double layers of organic latex foam provide ultimate comfort. Latex is a naturally derived biodegradable product which is derived from the rubber tree. Latex is hypo-allergenic, and breathes to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. The Tru-North grid pattern (2") allows a pure north pole field evident at the surface of the mattress pad to ensure maximum results.


3. TRU NORTH Visco Pillow Top- This series is made with magnets in a 2" grid pattern, the highest magnet density per square foot in the industry. Features an extra layer of Visco memory foam for luxurious comfort. Provides a pure North Pole magnetic field 16" above the surface of the mattress pad for optimum therapeutic effect.

4. TRU NORTH DELUXE- This series is made with magnets in a 2" grid pattern, the highest magnet density per square foot in the industry. Provides excellent support and comfort, plus a pure North magnetic field 16" above the mattress pad surface for optimum therapeutic effect.

5. THE INVIGORATOR PLUS This series provides excellent support and comfort. Made with magnets in a 3" grid pattern. This provides a bi-polar effect which becomes completely North pole at 1" over the mattress pad.

6. THE INVIGORATOR- This series is made with magnets in a 4" grid pattern. The Invigorator mattress pad provides a bi-polar magnetic field plus excellent support and comfort.


Magna-Pak Inc has been designing and manufacturing magnetic mattress pads since 1981. We continually upgraded and improved our models. Our mattress pads are designed and the construction approved by a certified magnetic therapist.

Employer la thérapie magnétique comme supplément au traitement conventionnel. Cette information est donnée pour des buts éducatifs seulement. Elle ne recommande pas l'auto-diagnostic et le traitement avec les produits magnétiques. N'importe qui qui éprouve des problèmes de santé devrait consulter un professionnel de santé avant de commencer n'importe quelle nouvelle thérapie. L'auteur ne sera pas jugé responsable de n'importe qui employant cette information pour se traiter ou d'autres. Ne pas employer les aimants ou la thérapie magnétique si à l'aide d'un stimulateur, d'un dispositif médical implanté ou d'une pompe d'insuline comme ils peuvent interférer l'équipement électronique sensible. Des produits magnétiques ne sont pas recommandés avec les pièces rapportées percutanées ou pendant la grossesse.

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